The Across the Big Blue Sea FAMILY RESIDENCY in Tuscany

A very independent and informal artist residency focusing on migration  

Who can apply? 

  • You are part of a family (in whatever form) with kids under 18.

  • You work on a project connected to migration or you are an artist with a migration background.

  • You can come up with a good reason, why a Tuscan village would be a good place for you to do this. 

  • You're not a millionaire (we like millionaires - and you can always support our work here -  but this residency wants to support artist families getting by on limited resources).  

Why a family residency?

In the winter of 2018/ 2019 Katja and Sergio were awarded a family residency at the Wassaic Project in upstate New York. It's been a very special time for our family (our first intercontinental adventure as a family ). Most residencies for creatives are organized for solo attendance. And while it's always nice to get away from your family, this is often not an option once you have kids.

Why Tuscany? And why the focus on migration? 

The quaint Tuscany we see printed on postcards and coffee mugs (rolling hills, medieval towns) still exist. But what flies under the radar is how much the population in those hilltop towns has changed (apart from the refugee homes mentioned in Across the Big Blue Sea, in the last 20 years ago (Katja talks a bit about this in her Wassaic project interview and article NY times).

How to apply?

Before you apply, you may want to read Katja's or Sergio's book to get an idea of who we are (yes, we swear a lot and Katja has a whole theory why Tuscans swear even more than the rest of the world) and what to except from our village and valley and daily life here. Not much of a reader? Oh well then, just go ahead and scroll through Katja's Instagram a


You'll be living in our home (we won't be in it at the same time but aroudn to hlep organize thing). Our dog and 

Ficari - our home: 

Our home can sleep five people (two bedrooms and a sofabed in the living room). It's a modest home, but the  kitchen is well-equipped. There isn't a lot of spac eindoors (80m2) but the olive grove (link )  and the view make up for it. And yes, we have an outdoor bathtub (link view from the tub) on our terrace.  

What you need to know: 

It's possible to reach our home by public transport. We live in the countryside but you can walk up to the village. However, if you want to explore further afield, you'll need a car. 

What you'll need to bring: 

Curiousity and flexibility. This is no organized retreat or residency. we can not supply a studio (we both write from our kitchcen table )  but a whole olive grove can be used if you can work en plain air.  

What you'll need to produce in your 2 weeks in Tuscany: 

Nothing. To apply, we'd like you to present an idea for or a project you're already be working on here. But we know that creative work can take unexpected turns, hence we don't expect you to 'complete' anything here (also, we'e not planning to turn our olive grove into an open-air sculpture park (there are already some good ones around here - link art trav)  have no expectations of a finished piece of work coming out of this residency.

 to apply? 

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The residency is for free apart from a fee of 150 € that will cover our expenses  (cleaning, electricity, etc). 

Good Intentions and Hard Lessons in an Italian Refugee Home

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