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To support Lesley's legal case donate via PayPal. 

Every cent helps and 100% of your donation will go to Lesley. 

Waiting for justice (on our Tuscan terrace, summer 2017)​

Donation via PayPal for 

Email me if you have any questions in regard to this donation or if you'd like to know what else you can do to support Lesley and migrant women in Italy. 


Who's Lesley?

Lesley was my colleague at the refugee home in Dogana. Originally from Nigeria, she has been living in Italy for the last 15 years and is battling a legal case against her abusive Italian husband to regain custody of her three children. Sadly, Lesley's story is living proof that unlike Italians or Swiss migrants like me, Nigerians still aren't considered equal in front of the law in Italy.


Find out more about Lesley's story in Across the Big Blue Sea

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